Tervetuloa «Evrika» Hotelliin!

The hotel’s rooms are located in the two buildings. Hotel Evrika has a large developed secure area with landscaped park and free parking. The hotel is located in the heart of the city of Yoshkar-Ola, but aside from the noisy streets.

Caf? Evrika specializes in European cuisine. Caf? is decorated in the classical style. The hall can seat up to 40 persons. Also there is a banquet room intended for 10 and 100 seats.

For business events in the Evrika Hotel there is a modern conference hall intended for up to 100 persons. The hall equipped for conferences, seminars and business meetings.

Saunas Evrika is a great place to spend your time with family or close friends.

Facilities – Wi-Fi Internet access, long-distance and international calls, railway and air ticket service, airport shuffle, taxi order, theatre, museum or exhibition centre tickets service, free registration of foreigners.

«Evrika» hotellin huoneet on uudistettu

bed icon «Evrika» hotellin huoneet on uudistettu. Huoneita yhteens? 63:
  • 4 yhden hengen huonetta;
  • 51 kahden hengen huonetta;
  • 7 junior-suiteata;
  • Kolmen hengen junior-suitea.
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Maksuaika «Evrika» hotellissa on 12:00

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Jokaisen ylim??r?isen ihmisen asuminen on lis?maksu-600 ruplaa

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Vieraan toiveen mukaan aamiainen voi sis?lty? huoneen hintaan. Sen hinta on 200 ruplaa.

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